Your expert for veterinary sequencing-based diagnostics and applied microbial genomics

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Your expert for veterinary sequencing-based diagnostics and applied microbial genomics

PathoSense is a spin-off company from Ghent University. We're dedicated to making genomic solutions easily accessible and actionable for veterinary and biotech industries.



for Vets

PathoSense developed a complete sample-collection-to-diagnostic-interpretation platform for infectious diseases in veterinary medicine. Using nanopore sequencing, PathoSense can detect all viruses and bacteria without prior selection in all animal species. This will bring the veterinary insights and advice to a higher level.

PathoSense for Labs

PathoSense is partnering with frontline veterinary diagnostic labs that are eager to expand their diagnostic portfolio with this powerful tool. Partnering with PathoSense enables implementing nanopore sequencing in a cost-effective and an easy way. Join us to provide an expanded service level to your veterinary customers.


Pathosense offers comprehensive analyses of bacterial communities to get insights in the microbiome. Our services are accessible for a wide variety of applications from animal & human nutrition to environmental research. We stand out in our human touch during the guidance from study design to data interpretation.


PathoSense specializes in whole-genome sequencing of micro-organisms, offering complete genomes and detailed genomic characterization of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, phages and plasmids. Our fast and cost-effective service encompasses nucleic acid extraction, long-read sequencing, expert bioinformatics analysis, and thorough reporting.

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