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Diagnostics, a challenge

As a vet you cannot ignore the importance of infectious diseases. There is a constant threat of suddenly emerging epidemic infectious diseases (eg African swine fever, bluetongue, avian influenza) that is more concrete than ever since the strong globalization. In addition, endemic infectious diseases (eg PRRSV, PCV2, Brachyspira, Mycoplasma bovis etc) are ubiquitous on many farms, causing major health and economic damage. In farm animals, these endemic disease problems are almost always the result of a so-called disease complex that usually consists of more than one pathogen. Making a complete diagnosis is therefore crucial, but still too often a huge challenge to date.

The first problem is the fact that as a veterinarian you are forced to always make a selection in advance of which pathogens you want to have examined. A second problem arises with the sampling, in which you as a veterinarian often do not know whether you have collected the correct samples in the correct way and sent them to the laboratory. Finally, like us, you may hate administration ...


The PathoSense solution

step 1

Collect pure samples with our innovative sampling kit.

step 2

Register the analysis in the PathoSense app and follow everything in real time.

Step 3

We detect all viruses with one analysis. We fully characterize the strains of interest.

step 4

We report the results in a semi-quantitative manner with interpretation.

step 5

Stay informed and continuously learn through the PathoSense Community.




No selection. We quantify all viruses with one analysis.


The platform is suitable for pigs, cattle, horses, dogs, cats and poultry. Or rather another animal?


Analyze virus sequences and respond quickly to introductions of new strains.


The mobile app lets you follow the entire process in real time and is easy to use.


Our sampler simplifies sampling and leads to more standardization and reliable results.


We remain researchers and therefore love continuous innovation and progress.