PathoSense for Labs

PathoSense is partnering with frontline veterinary diagnostic labs that are eager to expand their diagnostic portfolio with this powerful tool. Partnering with PathoSense enables implementing nanopore sequencing in a cost-effective and an easy way. Join us to provide an expanded service level to your veterinary customers.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner of PathoSense

Becoming a partner with PathoSense means leveraging these benefits to enhance efficiency, reduce start-up costs of a new technology, and deliver superior value to the veterinarians:

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Expand your diagnostic portfolio with this innovative technology.
  • Applicable for all animal species, allowing Partners to broaden your service offerings.
  • Facilitates expansion into new markets, increasing reach and potential revenue.

Smooth and Complete Onboarding Programme

  • PathoSense ensures labs to onboard carefree with a highly supportive onboarding programme.
  • Partners get unlimited access to an online onboarding platform that remains accessible for ongoing training of new employees.

Best conditions for partners due to partnership with Oxford Nanopore Technologies

  • Partner labs benefit from economically advantageous materials bundles.
  • Partner labs are in close contact with ONT & PathoSense for efficient support.

Expertise and Collaboration

  • The in-field expertise of the partner labs combined with the extensive expertise of PathoSense enhances the value delivered to clients.
  • Become part of an expanding frontline diagnostic network.

Advanced Applications and Platforms

  • PathoSense has developed a convenient mobile app for sample registration to lower the administrative burden for Partner labs.
  • Partners have access to a lab platform that provides an overview of all samples.

Standardized Sampling Process

  • The PathoSense sample kit with a patented swab ensures a standardized sampling method and saves time and money.