Sample instructions

The basics

  1. collect within first 2-3 days after onset of clinical signs

  2. For production animals: samples of up to 5 living animals from different pens can be collected with the same swab to increase the sensitivity of pathogen detection at a herd level

  3. Samples from dead animals are only recommended if tissues are fresh and do not show signs of post-mortem lysis,  collected within <12h after mortality and if the animal was stored at 4°C

  4. Ensure proper cooling (4°C) of samples Freezing of samples is not recommended.

How to use our sampling kit

You will collect samples with our new, patent-pending swab. This swab can immediately be used to purify the pathogens (viruses & bacteria) in your sample. Standardization of the sample collection will ensure high-quality material is available for the PathoSense analysis.

Learn how to use our swab by watching our instructional video below.


What samples should I collect?

In the articles below, you can learn how to collect proper samples for different clinical indications and different animal species.

You are not limited to these pathologies and species! We perform our analysis on samples from all sorts of species (fish, reptiles, wildlife,...) as long as the samples are collected and stored correctly.