Sample instructions

The basics

  1. collect within first 2-3 days after onset of clinical signs

  2. For production animals: samples of up to 5 living animals from different pens can be collected with the same swab to increase the sensitivity of pathogen detection at a herd level

  3. Samples from dead animals are only recommended if tissues are fresh and do not show signs of post-mortem lysis,  collected within <12h after mortality and if the animal was stored at 4°C

  4. Ensure proper cooling (4°C) of samples Freezing of samples is not recommended.

How to use our sampling kit

You will collect samples with our new, patent-pending swab. This swab can immediately be used to purify the pathogens (viruses & bacteria) in your sample. Standardization of the sample collection will ensure high-quality material is available for the PathoSense analysis. Learn how to collect samples and to use the swab for the different use cases: